Here it is, the second half of the blog that you have been waiting for. Part two of The Twelve Days of Christmas Party Themes. Ok, at the end of the day, it ended up being 13 party themes. The bonus one may just be the most important!


Summer Christmas party

Everyone has had the Christmas in July party, or at least heard of it. This is a new twist on a classic theme, and it is growing in popularity! This is the perfect party for all those who are counting the days till Summer begins again! This is Summer in December, Merry Christmas, oops, I meant to say Happy July!!! Or June or even August, it doesn’t matter the month, it matters the season, and this is the time of year to go ahead and don your bathing suits, short shorts, and your sun dresses, and get a great tan…maybe a spray tan!


12 Days of Appetizers Party

One of the greatest things about the holidays is all the food. There is a lot of it. Big hearty meals that are hot out of the oven, snacks that come before the meal, and more that follow the meal. Then there are the left overs that people pick at and eat for days to come knowing that there is more giant meals that are on their way.

The food? Off the hook! The treats that people wait all year long for, dream about in the summer months, waiting for the heat waves to be over so they can get their appetites back! But sometimes during the holidays, it is a relief to have lighter fare, and what better way to go about doing that than with appetizers?

If you are like me, you love appetizers! Those little bite sized pieces of goodness that you get to eat before a big meal on special occasions. Why not make this special occasion, your party, full of appetizers? Your entire meal a great selection of appetizers. No one has to choose what they are going to try, there are no protocols of polite appropriateness to wade through. There is only a great meal that is made entirely of appetizers!!!


Old fashioned Christmas

The Old Fashioned Christmas is the type of Christmas party that people dream about! Think of warm glow of light coming off of the Christmas lights, our of the fire place, and through the windows lighting the path for your friends and family as they make their way to your door.

The Old Fashioned Christmas is fueled with nostalgic childhood memories that is perfect for creating memories for your guests to remember for the rest of their lives. There is no better artist that captures this theme than the painter of light, Thomas Kinkade in his Christmas series. You and your guests can gather around the bowl of punch and Santa can drop by to pass gifts out to the kids.



Holiday Cocktail Party

So you have the traditional eggnog and the classic rum punch, and they are great holiday drinks! But why not kick it up a little? The cocktail is an art form that is currently being revived. Cocktails are fun, and you can definitely get creative with them. From what you rim the glasses with (crushed candy cane please) to what you use as the main ingredient (hmhmm-eggnog makes a great cocktail mixer) to the minute details that make a major difference in your drink that you would never consider, (shaken or stirred sir?)

You don’t have to get all mad scientist with it, but if you want to, then go ahead and top that new drink with marshmallows then cook them with a mini blow torch creating a ooey gooey marshmallowey creation that just may make you the envy of all your cocktail making friends.

Go ahead and send out your invitations, everyone can bring their favorite liquor, rim topping and mixers, then everyone can pitch in to help create the perfect concoction!



Christmahanukwanzaa Party

Bring on the sense of humor. You have to go into this party with an open mind, and a little bit of imagination! This is the best of all worlds, and you are going to be the host of a memorable evening. So go ahead and go holiday shopping, break out the bread, the candles, and don’t forget the Christmas tree (Christmas), menorah (Hanukah), and the seven principles (Kwanza).


Marshmallow Roast

The seasons are definitely changing and the signs are all around you. Depending on where you live in the world, you are seeing the days get shorter, the trees become barer, and the nights get colder. The colder the better, there is no better reason to break out the blankets, light the fire, and cuddle together in an old as humanity tradition of a bonfire.

This is the type of gathering that will be cherished years from now. No bonfire is complete without someone breaking out the guitar and leading the group, or simply singing for the group maladies and maybe a Christmas carol or two. Throw in some chocolate and graham crackers for s’mores, and you have got a party for 2, or 10. How many you invite is completely up to you!



Christmas Birthday Party

Ok, I know that this is the 12 Christmas party themes, but I am throwing this in. To be honest, this may be the most important of them all! Everyone knows this person! This is for the Christmas Babies in the world. The people who were born during the holiday season as the ultimate gift, and then had to share their birthdays with the biggest holiday season of the year. It is difficult to throw them a party when everyone is already going to parties every day of the year!

Finding the time to celebrate the presence of their lives in yours can sometimes be a little difficult to do in December. But here is the kicker, everyone you know is already gathering together anyway. So why not turn the gathering into a surprise birthday party for the birthday boy or girl? Those Christmas gifts and stockings stuffed so full are birthday gifts in disguise. And that pie that just happens to be his or her favorite flavor can just not so randomly be chock full of birthday candles. Happy Birthday to you, this year will be a little less blue, and this celebration is all about you!

Christmas Party Venue

MD Resort in North Fort Worth is the perfect place to throw your Christmas party no matter the theme you choose to go with. Go ahead and give us a call, we cannot wait to see you here!