What do you know about the armed forces?  About the men and women who go out and risk their lives to protect yours. Take a moment and consider the individual people who volunteer their lives to serve this great country.  Who are they, what are their names, what do they go through? What are their fears as they are waiting for their assignment?

Who am I referring to? Which branch of the armed forces should you be thinking of? All of them. Can you see every man and woman who has had to bear arms in defense for the United States? We are not talking about hundreds, or thousands, but millions. There are seas of soldiers who have been, are, and will be willing to stand up to protect you.

aerial_0-350x263How do you convey your appreciation to the men and women who sacrifice their time to risk their lives in unimaginable situations to protect the freedoms of the people they have left behind? Thank you isn’t enough. Take a moment to observe the accomplishments of the people who go out and risk their lives so you can live yours the way you choose.

The simple act of walking up to a soldier and shaking his or her hand is a great place to start. Another idea would be to send a care package overseas. When you are sending a care package, think of the things that make you feel at home. Cookies, or candy are a good choice. Spices to liven up bland food, ramen noodles are a cheap and often requested item. Plastic baggies to help soldiers carry their items with them out in the field, and paper and pens to write to their loved ones are also good options.

Armed forces day is on Saturday, May 18th. There was a time that each branch of our armed forces had its own holiday. Then on August 31, 1949, it was announced that armed forces day was going to initiate combining the celebration of every branch of the armed forces into a single day.

The armed forces are five separate entities that often work hand in hand to get the job done. The US Army defends the ground. The US Marine Corps are a smaller group of highly trained individuals. The US Marine Corps clears way for the US army, and goes in along beaches. The US Navy has the seas covered. The US Navy works hand in hand with the US Air Force who defends the skies above. The US Coast Guard is law enforcement in times of peace, and is often absorbed into the US Navy in times of war.

May is just around the corner, and Armed Forces day is coming soon. MD Resort would like to take a moment to honor the armed forces service members who stand up, go forth, and defend the land, seas, and skies allowing the United States the freedoms we are blessed to have.

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