Family reunions is where MD Resort began. With our own family reunions so close to our hearts and knowing what we went through to find just the right place to meet everyone in the family’s needs, we created MD Resort.  We have done the homework for you.  We feel your  family is sure to enjoy the southern hospitality, delicious home cooking and relaxing atmosphere.  You will be sure to agree the best destination for your family reunion is MD Resort.

  • Family Reunion Planning Idea – our family rotates who plans the next reunion by the branches of the family. You could also appoint a committee and delegate the planning process. Whatever you decide, be sure to include invitations (several reminders), deadline for RSVP, budgeting, meal plans, activities and entertainment. Be sure to include a map and closest airport (which in our case is DFW, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport). If you would like, our family reunion planners can take care of ALL the details for you!
  • family-reunion-sack-race-activities-2812-400x267Family Reunion Welcome – Kick off your event with the God Father or Family Matriarch (ok…. or family reunion planner) giving a short (under 10 minutes) welcome to the family and an overview of what’s in store.
  • Family Reunion Ideas – Great place to talk to the animals, including Christian donkeys and Biscuit our mascot buffalo.
  • Family Reunion Activity Ideas – Choose a facility with fun places for on site indoor and outdoor games and family fun. A facility with a swimming pool is important for the kids as most of them love to swim. The more family oreinted fun available on site the less travel, hassel there will be for everyone and more time for fun!
  • Family Reunion Idea – A talent or not so much talent night – (LOL) it’s loads of fun and barrels of laughs.  Our family plans months (and sometimes a year) ahead on what we will do for talent night for our next family reunion.  Tip – put a time limit on the skits so one person doesn’t get too long winded.
  • Family Reunion Idea – Story time where everyone just shares favorite memories.  Several great locations to choose from: meeting room, party barn or even around the camp fire.
  • Family Reunion Idea – Scavenger Hunt where you split up in teams for a set amount of time (we have the list ready for you) and then meet back for sharing, prizes and refreshments.
  • Family Reunion Video – ask several family members to catch things on video and turn into a designated person.  Then put together a video show for your grand finale night.  Or, show it next year! Or burn it to DVD and give away to everyone as a gift.
  • Family Reunion Olympics and outdoor sports – great team building for the whole family.  You can organize it or our reunion planners can take care of all the details.
  • partybarn-lg-400x300Family Reunion Crafts – ask everyone to bring their favorite  crafts to share or quick projects that you can do together at your reunion. And you can give to family as gifts or donate to your favorite charity.
  • Family Reunion theme Ideas – Have a crazy theme- such as a hobo stew night!  Everyone comes dressed as a hobo.
    • Family banquet theme and everyone comes dressed in their finest duds.
    • A western themed family reunion party at our party barn complete with a dance floor, stereo and activities.
  • Family Photo Albums – are a treasure! Ask everyone to bring some and enjoy looking through each other’s.  If you have the time you could do a genealogy chart, online scrapbook, movies- these are a lot of work but will be a big hit with the family!  And think how can everyone take a little of this home with them as a special gift? Is it in your computer? Online source where they could buy and additional album for a fee? Facebook sharing? The ideas are endless! The family reunion banquet room is a great place to set these types of things out for everyone to enjoy throughout your entire reunion.
  • Family Reunion Food Ideas
    • Ask everyone to bring their favorite treats and snacks to share with the whole family.
    • Make a family recipe book and everyone can contribute their favorites.  Ask everyone to include something interesting.  Example: the history of the recipe, why it’s special to them, something that happened when they made it or ate it, anything goes!
    • If you like to cook things yourself, choose a family reunion location where you can rent the whole house with a kitchen.
    • If you prefer to be pampered, MD Resort can provide one meal or all your family meals.
  • Family Reunion Auction Ideas – ask everyone to bring their own white elephant items from home or even a family heirloom they want to share.  Auction it all off to the highest bidder and use this money to pay for a special banquet meal, entertainment or however you want to use it.
  • Family Reunion Vacation Attractions – Dallas Fort Worth is the hub of just about anything you can imagine from Six Flags, Wet-N-Wild, the zoo, museums, the arts and more! Hundreds of attractions are from a few minutes to 45 minutes away from MD Resort.
  • gopr0440-450x338Family Traditions – Does your family have a special tradition that you could include in a theme or idea for all your family reunions and make it an ongoing tradition?  If you aren’t sure ask some of the grandparents – you might be surprised at some of the old family traditions and how fun it might be to re-incorporate them!
  • Family Traditions – Make your reunion a regular event. Something everyone can look forward to and plan ahead.  Our family’s are a week long so its like a vacation and a reunion in one.  Some families set up a tradition to have a reunion around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or other holidays either on the holiday or often near but not on the actual holiday so everyone can be at their own homes for the actual holiday.  Our family reunions are the beginning of June every other year.  Get your organizer committee together and decide what is the best plan for your family the most important thing is to set up a regular event and make it consistent.
  • Family Reunion on Site Meeting Room – It is  imporant to rent a  facility  that includes a meeting room.  This gives everyone an opportunity to gather in the same place for meals, entertainment, games and fun.  This is very important because it provides a specific place for family bonding.
  • Family Reunion Hotel Location – In choosing the site for your reunion consider the destination. If your family comes from all over the place,  you’ll enjoy the convenience of DFW airport being nearby
  • Family Reunion Rentals & Packages – MD Resort offers lots of rental options from day events, overnight, even week long packages and several locations to choose from including: house rentals, picnic facilities, cabins, meeting facilities, party & banquet hall rentals, lodging, all inclusive family reunion vacation packages and you can even bring your RV!

As you can see, MD Resort is the BEST Place for your next family reunion!

Conveniently located Family Reunion Site in North Texas Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

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MD Resort is the best destination for your next family reunion and has the best places and choice of facilities and we can always customize a reunion package specifically for your needs!
Call us at  817-489-5150 with any questions, or to start planning your next family reunion today!