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29 Jul
The offsite corporate retreat. People either love them or hate them, and it’s not hard to see why. Done correctly, retreats can be an effective way for your organization to bring about positive change. Done poorly however, and you end up with a wasted weekend and the possibility of making things in the office worse. It’s not an easy task to plan a retreat that is fun and productive, but MD Resort's professional planners can lead you the whole way.

Corporate Retreats at MD Resort

Every good manager knows that results are a function of how well the team works together and how invested they are in the purpose of the company. There is no better way to encourage team bonding and new creative ideas than to host a retreat for your team. With plenty of space for group activities as well as a large conference room, MD Resort is the perfect place to have your event. We have many group activities to choose from that will help break the ice and encourage team building. With Retreat and Event Center in Dallas Fort Worthcorporate event planners on staff, planning the retreat will be a breeze. We are just enough out of the city to have plenty of fresh air, but still only 40 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Perfectly located with perfect weather almost year round, MD Resort is a flexible venue that can host any event from company picnics to overnight training. Our broad range of packages allows you to customize your event and make it just right for your business.


Unlike other corporate retreat centers, MD Resort has a homey atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable and motivated to think outside the box. We also have many different rooms available for the overnight retreat. If you’re worried about your employees being excited for the event, be sure and mention the wonderful home-cooked meals they will be receiving throughout their stay. After all, well-fed workers are much more likely to be productive than hungry ones!


If you are looking for a place to host your next company party, we can do that too! Anything from a Murder Mystery Party to a Christmas party is better at MD Resort. We have multiple venues to choose from all in one location. Whether you’d like to plan it yourself, or let someone else do the work, we can make your corporate party experience easy and fun!

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