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18 Jul

Your wedding day is coming, and this is a day that is all about the two of you.

MD Resort’s Mascot: Biscuit the Buffalo

MD Resort is a guest ranch in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas that is situated on several acres of land. Located on property are MD Resort guest ranch in Dallas-Fort worth, texasseveral miniature Christian Donkeys, and one big buffalo named Biscuit. Biscuit’s best friend is Donner the miniature donkey, and the pair moved in to their new home last Thursday. This was not an easy feat; a temporary fence had to go up in the event that Biscuit had other plans in mind. Thankfully, we know the way to Biscuit’s heart! A bag of hot dog buns made him more than willing to move across the ranch’s main road.  The staff at MD Resort would like to welcome you to come see Biscuit and Donner in their brand new, more spacious pen! These two are always happy to say hello to visiting guests, and serve as a mascot for the resort.

Come on out and say hello to all of the friendly animals during your next vacation, weekend getaway, reunion, retreat, corporate meeting, or wedding at MD Resort!!


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