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29 Jul
The offsite corporate retreat. People either love them or hate them, and it’s not hard to see why. Done correctly, retreats can be an effective way for your organization to bring about positive change. Done poorly however, and you end up with a wasted weekend and the possibility of making things in the office worse. It’s not an easy task to plan a retreat that is fun and productive, but MD Resort's professional planners can lead you the whole way.

MD Resort: Mother Nature’s back yard

In this day and age, Mother Nature has become harder to find, and people are trying to preserve what is left. It is a movement that is known as project earth, and its holiday is Earth day on April 22nd.

Earth day was proposed as a national holiday in 1969, and became a reality a year later. It was originally celebrated in both big and small towns and cities throughout the United States. Since then, it has grown in elementary schools, and has become a reason to go green for a day, or a week. People may clean up a highway, plant a tree, or consider putting some solar panels on top of their house. The reality is that most people go through April 22nd without even realizing that it is earth day.

The green movement is starting to pick up speed. People are starting to take a closer look at the world around them. They are starting to be more aware of the amount of water and electricity they use, how much pollution is in the environment, and truly beginning to take initiative and actually put solar panels on their roofs. People are realizing that Mother Nature is not something to be granted, that if we are not careful, we will not have an earth to hand over to our children, our future.

Here at MD Resort, we recognize the importance of going green. Come join us for our little slice of heaven on earth as we change and grow towards the future. You can sit in the pecan orchard eating pecans straight off the tree. You will soon be able to sit down and eat an organic meal that is grown right here at the resort. You can sit back, relax and listen to the birds singing, the squirrels chirping, and if you listen hard enough, you may hear our donkeys braying in the distance.

MD Resort is located in Aurora Texas, just north of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We are close enough to the metroplex for you to go out and enjoy the day and/or night life of Dallas Fort-Worth, as well as far enough in the country to settle back and relax in Mother Nature’s back yard. Take a look at our specials and discounts, and come stay with us for a weekend getaway! At MD Resort, you may join us as guests, but you always leave us as family.


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