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29 Jul
The offsite corporate retreat. People either love them or hate them, and it’s not hard to see why. Done correctly, retreats can be an effective way for your organization to bring about positive change. Done poorly however, and you end up with a wasted weekend and the possibility of making things in the office worse. It’s not an easy task to plan a retreat that is fun and productive, but MD Resort's professional planners can lead you the whole way.

Veterans Day Observance

Image courtesy of Michael Elliott at Freedigitalphotos. net


Thank you for the time you gave to this great country

Because of you, we have

Our freedom to wave the flag

The red white and blue in the free flowing 

Air that is unrestricted to breath

Thank you for your service

And the sacrifices that you gave

The time away from family

And your families time from you

How to put our thanks into words

There are no words to equate

So we must use our actions to show

Our thanks


November 11th just passed. In spite of the fact that this is such a monumental day for so many in the United States of America, it is a day that is far too often overlooked. Take a moment and ask yourself what November 11th means to you. Is it just another work day, school day, another day out of the year? Now stop and ask yourself what this day means to the people in your life. Family members, friends, neighbors. If you have never taken the time, go ahead and take a moment to ask the people around you what the day means to them.


The day, this day, may mean far more to people that you have known your whole life than you could have ever imagined. It is not just another day for some, for many, this is a day to remember the past, to stop and appreciate the present, to look forward and hope for a bright future. The generations of soldiers that have made the choice to enlist in a branch of the armed forces knowing that they would leave their families, friends, and homes to fight for the freedom of complete strangers. Many leaving knowing that they may not return, and hoping against hope that their sacrifice would not be taken for granted.


MD Resort would like to take a moment to honor our soldiers. All of them! All those who have gone out and served, are currently serving, and will one day serve the people of this country. Thank you for your service and your sacrifices you have made along the way. The US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard as well as the branches guards and reserves. Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and Coast Guard Relief.

One can’t work without the others, and together they create our military!

11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour