The weather has brought snow, ice, and cold to most of the United States. States that normally wouldn’t experience cold weather are, and for some, it is a little inconvenient. In Texas, for example, school has been out all week, people haven’t been able to make it in to their jobs and offices, and stores, restaurants, and streets that would normally be crowded to overflowing with holiday shoppers are practically deserted.

For most, this time that would normally be spent rushing around getting ready for holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and chauffeuring their family members around in a holiday rush are instead taking the time to spend indoors with their loved ones. Whether it was planned or not, the Holiday Season has begun with an old fashioned spin spent indoors gathered around the table playing board games, eating what is stocked in the pantry, and snuggling under blankets while watching Christmas movies.

The holiday seasons are meant to be spent with family, and this is the year that has brought so many families back to the old fashioned basics. In the spirit of the nostalgic time that so many of us often wish for, I would like to give Holiday Gift Ideas that would have been as appreciated in the Christmas past as it will be in the here and now Christmas present.

My Christmas wish list

For the kid who has everything – Give them something that they will cherish forever made by the hands of the person/people who love them. Out of all the gifts that my siblings and I have ever received, it was the handmade gifts that we remember and still own. Handmade dolls stuffed with cotton and fabric, crocheted blankets, and handmade pillow cases. Wooden toys that were hand whittled into toy soldiers, hand held rocking horses, and colorful hand beaded jewelry that can be cherished for a lifetime.

For your brothers and sisters – It is the time of year to set sibling rivalry aside and figure out a way to say I Love You to your brothers and sisters. Music boxes, dolls, and necklaces are great gifts for your sister no matter the age. For a brother, fishing gear, clothes, or hunting gear might be the perfect gift. Gifts should not be given based on gender alone. Interests should be taken into account. If your little sister loves to fish, then tackle may be the gift for her. Or your brother loves to cook, then maybe you can create a signature spice rub just for him. Personalization is the key!!!

For the parents – So much to do and not enough time. This is where vouchers may come in handy. Hand illustrated booklets that are good for… washing the dishes, cleaning the floors, and maybe even making dinner. Hugs, kisses, and family fun nights are also great voucher ideas!!! Perhaps what they really need is a vacation. A gift certificate to MD Resort in North Fort Worth Texas is the perfect gift idea. It is bound to become their new home away from home!!

Another great gift idea for the busy parent may be something as simple as making dinner for them and their family. A holiday meal that they don’t have to make, serve, or clean up after. Maybe topping it off with their favorite desert would put you at the top of their favorites list!!!