Today is sunny, bright, and cold with a current temp of a balmy 12 degrees at MD Resort in Aurora, TX, North Fort Worth Texas. It is not your typical January weather. Usually by this time of the year, our lows are in the upper 50s when the weather is not cooperating. Thanks to arctic weather spreading its reach much farther than usual, most of the US is starting this year with unusual wintery if not a record breaking cold start to the New Years. Texas just happens to be one of the warmest states in the United States.

In honor of the cold winter weather, I would like to share with you some of my favorite winter weather tips to stay warm and cozy. Besides wearing layers of clothing that are easy to add to or take away from depending on where you are, fuzzy blankets are a must. Cozying up to loved ones in front of your fireplace is a great way to stay warm. Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry, there is an app for that! Fireplace is a great app that can give you the feel of the fire that can be used on any smart TV.

The 3 B’s is my next recommendation! Bubble bath, book, and a box of chocolates. If you don’t have a book, then you can always substitute that with some beeswax candles. If it is too cold to leave your house, or are retiring after the end of a long day and could use some rest and relaxation, then the 3 B’s just may be your saving grace!

Hot chocolate is one of my favorite winter weather drinks. There is something so amazing about warm chocolaty greatness that just warms the soul. This goes double fold when you use real chocolate. It is so easy to personalize this. Just use your favorite chocolate, or go crazy and mix your favorite chocolates in some warm milk. Stir, and add your favorite topping. I personally take a trip down memory lane to my child days with mini marshmallows and a candy cane stirrer. If you want to take your love of chocolate to a whole new level, then try this chocolate whipped cream recipe.

Take ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 4 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar, 1 cup heavy cream, and ½ teaspoon of vanilla. Whip the heavy cream with the vanilla till it starts to create peaks. The cream will start to hold a shape of its own, looks like a mini landscape of mountains. Slowly add cocoa powder and confectioners’ sugar. This is so easy, and you will look like a master chef!!

Finally last, but certainly not least. Take a vacation to somewhere that will keep you warm at heart. MD Resort just may be your perfect cold weather solution!!! It is cold out there, but in here, it is full of the warmth that the crew brings every day. Always a smile reaching a person’s eyes, and a song can usually be heard when a person thinks no one is there to here. It is an extended family and a home away from home for not only those who work here, but for our guests as well. Come and join the legend that is MD Resort, country charm refined.