What is your dream vacation? If you are celebrating Father’s Day, an anniversary, or just getting away to get away from it all, then MD Resort in Aurora, Texas is the best place for you to come enjoy your down time.  MD Resort offers both the perfect family vacation as well as some great vacation ideas for couples.  It could be fishing by a lake with a comfortable bed to retire to, or tailgating and then watching some baseball live at a beautiful stadium. Perhaps you just don’t want to do anything but lounge all day. No matter what your dream vacation is, MD Resort is a centralized location allowing access to both the country and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Whether you are by yourself, with the love of your life, or are bringing your entire family, MD Resort is the place for you.

resortnew-350x235There are some great fishing locations in Wise County. Just a 10 minute drive away from the resort, you can go to Eagle Mountain Lake. If you want to drive a little further, then Bridgeport Lake, Black Creek Lake, and Cottonwood Lake are all great choices. After a long day of fishing, there is no better place to retire than at MD Resort. Any one of these choices constitute some of the best local fishing spots around MD Resort, and they all offer you the quiet natural oasis you look for.

DFW is home to some outstanding golf courses. Whether you are looking for small courses with 9 holes, or a larger golf course, then MD Resort is a great place to come stay while on your expedition. Golfing is fun, relaxing, and wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

If you are a history buff, then Wise County is the place for you. Wise County, Texas and the surrounding areas are full of historical landmarks. During your stay here, you can join the long list of investigators who have come looking in Aurora, Texas to prove or disprove the legend of the Aurora Alien spaceship. The spaceship supposedly crashed into Judge Procter’s windmill and took out his flower garden in April of 1897. The alien is supposed to be buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery, and people are still finding odd pieces of metal that consist primarily of iron that are missing their magnetic properties. You can take a look around town and see if you can spot any signs that the military set up a base in town, and you can ponder why the military had interest in the little town of Aurora to begin with.

Decatur, Texas has a great old women’s college that they recently converted into a museum. Here you can find out about life in the pioneer days.  While in Decatur, you can take a walk through the historic square. You can take a look at the newest of our 4 courthouses built in 1896. The last 3 had burnt to the ground; legend says that it is the witch of Decatur that keeps burning them down. Legend also has it that as long as there is a courthouse in Decatur, she will come back to burn it to the ground. The designers took precautions with the new courthouse; they built the inside with fire proof materials. They designed the outside with pink granite brought over from the quarries in Llano, Texas. Inside there are marble floors and wrought iron staircases. It is definitely worth going in for a tour if you can. If you take your kids along, then you can write down some facts you find out throughout the day and create a quiz about history.

If your father is anything like mine, then he loves to eat. His favorite saying is “Food? My favorite!” DFW area has some of the best food in the United States. Keichi – a hidden little gem in Denton, Texas is a sushi lover’s dream. Chef K is trained in both sushi and Italian, so if you are not into sushi, then this might still be worth your time because he adds some Italian dishes on his menu every night. If you love steak, then perhaps Del Frisco’s is the way to go. They are immaculate in every detail of their service, and their steak melts in your mouth. If you are looking for something more laid back, then MD Resort offers some great food that you can eat in the dining room, or have it delivered to the comfort of your room where you can eat in your pajamas if you would like.

Whatever you choose to do, let the staff at MD Resort make your stay as easy and relaxing as possible! We can point you in the right direction, and promise that you will come as guests, but leave as family!


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