Christmas is coming, the elves are working away! There is fun and excitement in the air and Santa is on his way! He is busy as a bee and he is running to his sleigh. But on his way he is stopping by, so come out and say hay!

Family Fun Night on December Friday 13 is all about you and your family. MD Resort is creating an evening of entertainment for the entire family. All ages are welcome to come out and have fun, so come on out and we’ll have a grand ole time.

The evening’s entertainment is going to include a mystery for you! Come out to decipher all the clues.  Christmas magic is in the air, and there is a secret that only you can help conclude! So hurry up, we are here waiting for you and your friends and family too!

There is Santa and family that just happen to include, Rudolph with his fellow reindeer some elves and a wish or two. Everyone forgets the elves, so Jingle and Jangle and Snappy and Spanky just to name a few! We must pause to mention that Mrs. Clause and Connie Clause and Kris Krangle will be here, ah the magic of Christmas is always such a zoo!

We have activities for those who are too young for the mystery which is for 7 and up. Before the little ones are snug in their beds, they can put on their jammies, and jam to some holiday tunes. There will be cookie decorating, ornament making, playing, and a movie to name a few. There will be child corralers on hand to help ensure the fun. The caretakers will be here to keep the kids in a safe fun environment that will be easy for you to check on them as the night goes on.

Prices for Family Fun Night

$225 per couple

$40 per child

Rooms are assigned first come first serve! (Upgrade for suites at an additional charge)

Saturday morning the fun goes on! The early bird gets the worm, and our guests get a breakfast with Santa! Santa arrives at 9, and each child receives a treat from the jolly man himself. They can sit down and ask him questions about his family, The North Pole, his elves, and tell them what they want for Christmas. Come one come all, the more the merry-er! We can’t wait to see your entire family here for MD Resorts Family Fun Night!!!

For those who are not able to join us for the Family Fun Night, you can still come to see Santa. Breakfast begins at 10:30. Please call for more details.