vignola20family20reunionFew can forget memories made at a family reunion. S’mores, hide and seek with cousins, dominoes, catching up, and grandma’s secret brownie recipe all make for a wonderful experience, but the location can mean a world of difference. When choosing the venue for your family’s event, it’s important to be sure you keep in mind the demographic of your family. If you have lots of little ones, you’ll want plenty of room for them to play and explore. If teenagers are ruling the roost, you’ll need a place with lots of options to meet their quickly changing moods. And, of course, as with any good Texas family reunion, you’ll need a nice patch of grass for the annual family flag-football game. If you’re the one planning this big event, you may be trying to think of some fun activities to keep everyone entertained. MD Resort is not just a good place for your family reunion location its GREAT place!  Our family reunion location provides activities for everyone from fun and games, picnics, murder mystery event, to a more formal family banquet we have the right family reunion location for you. Whether you want to gaze at the stars or stay inside for a movie night, we will provide you what you need to have a great time!


Another important factor in choosing the location of your reunion is to keep in mind where everyone is coming from. You’ll need a central location that will make it easier for everyone to get there. MD Resort is located near the DFW airport, making it simple for those family members that live far away. It is the perfect distance from the city to get some fresh air and take a look at the stars, but close enough to be convenient for travel. We are also located within minutes of many attractions such as the Texas Motor Speedway and Six Flags which can provide great family fun if you get a little cabin fever.

Whether your family is big or small, we can create a great family reunion package that is customized and just right for you. Our versatile lodging makes booking your rooms and meals easy and our event planner can help make sure everything runs smoothly. Call 817-489-5150 and talk to one of our reunion planners for more ideas!


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