Valentines is coming, and so many people find themselves scrambling to figure out what they are going to do for their other half. The local Walmart, mall, and even gas station ends up full of people trying to find the first thing that scream I love you on February 14.

Don’t be this person, set something ahead this year. This is the staff of MD Resorts Top 9 Valentines Suggestions.

1. Quality time together – no cell phones, computers, televisions, or electronics of any kind. Just you and her enjoying each other one on one as a couple. Memories in the making.

2. Picnic lunch – simplicity at its finest. You can customize it to resemble key events in your relationship. The macaroni and cheese from the first date to the wine on your wedding night. As you unpack your meal, you can tell her why you chose each dish in your meal and what those moments mean to you now. The final spread may seem slightly random to a complete stranger, but for the two of you, it will make perfect sense!!

3. A couples Massage – You both work hard, and deserve a moment to relax. We have a new bamboo message that might be just what the both of you need!

4.  Bonfire for 2 – A bonfire, a blanket, and a cool night! What more could you possibly ask for?

5. Cooking together – You don’t have to be the best chefs in the world. It isn’t about how amazing the food is, the perfect presentation, or the recipes. It is about the moments spent together, and the memories created. Have fun with it! Make up your recipes as you go along. If you want to create an Apple Noodle Strudel bake, then have at it.

6. Crazy and Unexpected – Alright, this can be anything, so think about it. What can you do that your Valentine would never expect from you, something memorable that would be loved. Filling the house up with every color of flower imaginable, recording a love song in a teddy bear, or couples sky diving. The key is to do something out of the ordinary that is geared to your relationship. There is just something special about the element of surprise!!

7. Traditional date night – It is often recommended for a blind date. I don’t recommend this, because sitting through a 2 hour movie and a dinner with a complete stranger is often awkward. But chances are, the two of you are past the uncomfortable stage of your relationship! A restaurant and a dark movie theater may be just what the two of you need.

8. Go dancing – There are plenty of places where you can push each other around the dance floor. You don’t even have to be great dancers, just try not to step on each other’s toes.

9. Make it a family event. The two of you and your kids. Make it a family fun night, on the town or at home.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, remember that this is a day for togetherness. So spend it with someone you care about, and try to do something for the people you love in your life.