Fathers! They are all around us. They are a part of your world. These are the men that are the father figures in your life, the person(s) who helped to shape the person that you are, demonstrating the type of person that you want to become. A father is a role model, an inspiration, a beacon helping to usher you towards your future.

fathers_day-350x233June 16th is a day that is set aside for your father as a day to honor the man who saw your potential and did what he could to help ensure that you would become the person you are today. It is not just about your father, it is a day for all the fathers out there in the world.

The first Father’s day was in 1909, and it came about after a young woman by the name of Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington listened to a Mother’s Day sermon in church. It occurred to her that she wanted a day to honor her father, William Smart, a widowed dad of six. June 19th was chosen as the date for Father’s Day. June was picked because it was the month of Smart’s birthday. Father’s Day was announced to the United States by President Lyndon Johnson over the airwaves of the world’s first radios. Voila, a day was born that is marked by barbecues and spending time with family throughout the U.S.

The question is where to find the perfect gift for your dad. Finding the right gift for your father can be a daunting task. You could make your dad a gift. I know my dad loves his Wiri Wiri pepper plants I planted for him 3 years ago. It is a great salsa pepper that not enough people know about. Or you could buy him a gift.

If your dad is a handy man type, or likes to see himself that way, then maybe some tools are the perfect gift for father’s day. At last count (2008), there were 16,010 hardware stores in the US. If your dad is the type who loves to look good, or simply needs help in the dressing himself department, then perhaps you could turn to one of the 8,111 men’s clothing stores in the U.S. Maybe your dad is into sports, or is just really good at watching sports. You could turn to one of the 22,116 sporting goods stores that the U.S. has.

The ultimate father’s day gift would be sending him on a vacation to MD Resort in Aurora, Texas. MD Resort is the perfect place to ensure your Dad’s vacation is the best vacation he can have. MD Resort is central to the city, making this the ultimate one stop shop. MD Resort is your father’s dream vacation. Join him for a man’s vacation where bathing is optional, or send him with the love of his life. MD Resort, where you may join us as guests, but will leave us as family.

Don’t forget about our Father’s Day Cookout, where Dads eat FREE!!!!!!!

Dads are notorious for saying all kinds of things. It tends to be a generational thing. The things your dad was famous for saying, you tend to say to your own kids. So let’s take a look at a few of dad’s favorite sayings.

I had to walk to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways.

You are going to go out looking like that?

You are not going anywhere looking like that!!!

This will go on your permanent record. (This is the time to ask him what is on his permanent record.)

There’s nothing a little bit of duct tape and some WD40 won’t fix.

Do you think money grows on trees?

If he jumped off a cliff, would you do it to?

Go ask your mother.

What did your mother say?

Just don’t tell your mother.

Do what I say, not what I do.

Give it a little gas. NOT THAT MUCH…BREAK, BREAK, STOP!!!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If it needs fixin’, it’s cause I broke it. If your mother asks, I’m blaming you!

When I was your age…


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