parents1_0How did MD Resort get started? The MD Resort concept all started when my mom and I were joking around one day while we were looking for land. I said to my mom, “If we are going to spend this much money on land we are going to have to figure out how it can pay for itself.” Mom said, “Donna do what you love.” I responded, “Mom, I love going to our family reunions”. At that moment MD Resort was put into motion.

Our family reunions (Kirkland family from my moms side) are 4-7 days long and they are like summer camp for the whole family. We have talent night, or the not so much talent night, we sing Christmas Carols in the summer, cook out over the camp fire, play games and just have good old fashioned family fun. It is totally awesome!!!

How did we come up with the name MD Resort? There are a few ways that MD Resort lines up with what we wanted. One reason is it was the initials of the last name of the founders Mueller & Davis. It also stood for Mother & Daughter. And our slogan worked as like we are a doctor giving out our prescription which is “A prescription for Fun”. As that was our goal to create a place where people could escape the hassles of everyday life and just relax, have fun and enjoy!

After two long years of searching for the right property, I along with my parents (Dee and Dave Mueller) founded MD Resort in 1999. From that very moment we drove onto this well maintained property Mom said, “This is it.” A beautiful Texas Ranch with trees, pecan orchard and open fields; previously an emu and miniature donkey ranch, there were already many things in place benefiting the dreams that would soon become MD Resort. We immediately began hosting parties in the Party Barn (previously an old hay barn). Soon after, we added a swimming pool in the middle of a hay pasture. The Main Lodge was built in 2001 in what we thought davidanddonna_0 was going to be a Family Reunion Facility and Romantic Getaways. The public had something more in mind, and MD Resort evolved into a Bed and Breakfast, Retreat Center, and Wedding Facility. I did a lot of the behind the scenes work, while mom went all over town telling everyone she met about this new great place called MD Resort Bed & Breakfast. Things were just getting started when mom was diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly on November 28, 2002. We miss and love her a lot! MD Resort is now owned and operated by myself, Donna Davis Mixon and my husband David Mixon. MD Resort holds a big place in both of our hearts and the peace it brings to all that come.

MD Resort Bed and Breakfast Inn is a member of several of the local Chambers of Commerce and a leader in the local community. In 2001, MD Resort earned a “Certificate of Excellence” from the Historic Inns of Texas. In 2003, MD Resort was named “Small Business of the Year” by the Saginaw Area Chamber of Commerce.

Family events such as weddings, receptions, family reunions, anniversary parties and birthday parties quickly became very popular at the Resort. Thanks to our magnificent Customers, the word spread. MD Resort also began hosting church, scrapbooking, quilting, corporate, and many other kinds of retreats. Also, thanks to our Customers, MD Resort experiences a tremendous growth rate which includes a huge amount of repeat Customers. This shows the incredible job MD Resort does with customer service, and the maintenance of a good reputation.

Thanks to the great feed back of our Customers, we are always learning, growing, and adding something for our guests. From two person tubs, Romantic In-Room Dinners, a vacation home, and much more, MD Resort has grown to what it is today! Each year has brought new growth since opening in 1999 and now offers lodging in four separate facilities. So whether you are looking for a retreat facility or romantic getaway, MD Resort Bed and Breakfast has the perfect place for you.

In October of 2012 it came time for ownership of MD Resort to be transferred to a new family Susie and Bill Benedick. They fell in love with MD Resort from the first time they saw it and have some wonderful plans for improvements while still preserving the tranquil integrity which MD Resort has provided for its guests and staff.

MD Resort listens to and cares about what our Customers want, think, need, and wish for. Keep the suggestions and tips coming as this is how MD Resort is sure to offer you everything you want. Once more, thanks to our Customers for spreading the word about MD Resort. You are the key the our success!

Thanks Again,
MD Resort Founder, Donna Davis