The season approaches, it is right around the corner, and this is the time to really get out there…or stay in with your friends, family, and neighbors in celebration of the time of year and the company you are lucky enough to keep. That is right, I am talking about the Holiday season, Christmas, Hannukah, and kwanzaa to name a few of the Holidays that makes this time of year so special.

Sometimes you want to get away from the old boring gathering you have every year to liven up the scene with a new theme. So here it is, the 12 days of Christmas party themes. From old school traditional to new aged season’s greetings party themes, some that are very kid friendly, and a few that aren’t.

MD Resort in Aurora Texas wants to wish you a Happy Christmahanakwanzaa with part 1 of a 2 part blog!


Holiday lights party

     This is always a huge hit, especially when you have kids around. There are so many ways to go about creating this party, but the theme is always the same. Lights! Lots and lots of lights!! White lights, colored lights, blinking lights, and strings of lights creating a glow of color that many would describe as magical!

My personal favorite? Light the entire night up with lights. No harsh wall lights to be seen, just strings of lights hanging across the room. Christmas tree lights strung throughout the branches of your tree, and lighting up your house creating a lit pathway for your guests to enjoy as they make their way to your house.

You can have a tree to decorate with…what else? Lights! Have everyone bring a string of their favorite lights, string them all together, and plug in. You are sure to have a uniquely lit tree that is bound to be beautiful!

The one activity that always makes the night complete is holiday light drives. That’s right! Pack your entire house of people into cars and take a drive throughout the neighborhood to look at the lights. It might be a little crazy and a lot chaotic, but you are sure to have a great time surrounded by the people you love.


Santa’s Work Shop

     Here is a great party idea that is perfect for all ages! The parents who are looking for a party theme that is going to include your kids, and your guests kids, and all the neighborhood kids that just may wander over from throughout the neighborhood to get a free meal out of you!

Why not create a Santa’s Work Shop? You can set up different work stations throughout your party space and let people go through and choose what they want to make. From cookie decorating to ornament making, there will be something for everyone. Talk about a night full of wonderful memories.


Christmas Carol Karaoke Night

     It’s the party that you either love or hate, but always have a good time joining in, only now it is holiday style! Even those who dread it secretly look forward to it, because they know that someone is going to jump on stage and truly entertain the crowd. The secret is to make sure that the entertainer is anyone but them.

So go ahead, throw the Holiday extravaganza, sit back, and let your guests be the entertainment and life of the party. You never know who is going to surprise you with a beautiful voice, and who is going to give people a reason to stop in their tracks with a rendition of Jingle Bell Rock.


Christmas Tea Party

     It is endearingly old fashioned and can be great fun! It is the Christmas Tea Party. More suited to the ladies of the family, this is a great way to teach the kids their manners in certain social situations. Or you can make this a child’s tea parties of al tea parties.

Tea sandwiches, scones, petit fours, and cute cups of soups along with a delicious variety of tea to match all tastes. Christmas tea parties are filled with pretty dishes and allow you the opportunity to dress up bringing back nostalgic memories of your childhood when you and your friends would gather around plastic tea cups and tell stories about your day.


The Ugly Sweater Party

Everyone has at least one. It is there, waiting for the day you accidently uncover the hideous mess that you secretly lost by hiding it in the back of your closet. You occasionally see it poking its sleeve out at you, and you always end up kicking it back into hiding and running with fear out of your closet. It is the UGLY SWEATER that you received as a gift, and you can’t bring yourself to throw it away in spite of the nightmares it has caused you!

Well, now is the time for you to dig it up, and proudly wear it out in the light of day. That is right, this is your party, and you along with your guests can join together to show off the hideousness that is the ugly sweater. The uglier the better, so go ahead and accessorize to ensure the horror is worse than you always feared. The person wearing the ugliest sweater gets a prize! May I suggest a gift certificate to the local mall?


Christmas Cast-Off Gift Exchange

     People start receiving gifts early in December, and the gifts aren’t always desirable (ex. Read #8). Often times these gifts were re-gifted in the first place, so we might as well admit that we have all re-gifted! Go ahead and embrace it in the spirit of the holidays!!!

That is right, I am suggesting a Christmas Cast-Off Gift Exchange! Go ahead and rewrap those gifts in the cheapest ‘gift wrap’ you can find (I use my local newspapers comics section) and have a gift exchange. Go ahead, fight over those gifts nobody wants, and use the gift you fought so hard not to get. Hint-This is the perfect last minute re-gift for your works secret Santa gift exchange!!