It is cold outside
And you just cant stay away
From the warmth and beauty
Of MD resort
So let’s hurry
Your mother won’t worry
So scurry scurry scurry
To the phone
And make a reservation today

There is an arctic chill that has reached our door, and it may be bringing the first snow fall of the year! The ground is covered in a thick blanket of leaves, and with every gust the air is filled with the deep colors of autumn dancing in the haze of the fog covered ground. There is ice in the air, and you can feel it clearing out your lungs with the clean crisp cool air with every breath you take. This is the time of year that we have been dreading and anticipating all year long.

In the long hot days of summer this is the dreams that Texans talk of as we attempt to cool down in the sweltering heat. As the days get shorter, and temperatures begin to even out to comfortable levels of bearable, we start to dread the humid fueled cold that is shortly around the corner. And upon its much anticipated arrival, most of us relish it, knowing that our winters are short, assuming we get a winter at all that year.

But the winter weather means one thing, something that is cherished to so many throughout the world. For Texans, cold weather means holidays, and when the weather actually dips down, the holidays are truly here. People become a little more cheerful, and people are a little nicer. Don’t get me wrong, as Texans, we are raised to be a gentle natured people. But when the weather rolls around to winter, we tend to light up with a little more give, and a little less take! It is the perfect time for a holiday retreat.

This is the time of year that is truly something to see! This is the time of year that should be experienced by all. Walking through downtown Fort Worth all bundled up with a coat, and watching somebody with wonder as they hand their child an ice cream cone. Gentlemen showing up out of seemingly nowhere to open the door for you so you can pass from store to store with ease, and knowing that there you are safe no matter your local because there is someone there to watch your back, whether a stranger or not.

This is Dallas Fort Worth at its best, and MD Resort is your home away from home as you bring your family on a Christmas vacation. MD Resort, you may join us as guests, will leave us as family!