A great teacher is someone who walks in their classroom expecting to be challenged by their students. A great teacher is not just in the teaching business, they are in the talent seeking and interest building business. You use what a student is best at, and what they want to learn about, to teach them what they need to learn to be successful in their future. You realize that their future doesn’t end with next week’s test. A great teacher knows that knowledge is something that is to be retained, remembered. What a student is learning today is the foundation to what they are going to need to know to learn next year, and the years to come.

dallas-family-reunion-facility-2109_2-350x233This is an ode to all the teachers out there from MD Resort. To the educators of this world that get up every morning to teach students what they need to be a success. The men and women who are providing their students with encouragement, respect, and guidance that every student deserves. Those who know that as long as they teach, they learn, and are not afraid to learn from those they teach.

Teacher Appreciation day is May 7th. Here are a few ideas that can help you show your appreciation to the men and women who help to teach your child the life skills he/she will need to be a success in the future, no matter what their future holds. Whether you are looking for a daycare teacher appreciation gift idea, teacher appreciation ideas for administration, or teacher appreciation day gifts, look no further.

Customizing teacher appreciation candy bar wrappers is one of the hottest gifts to give away this year. You can print them off from a number of websites online, or you can go to Hershey’s website and custom make a candy bar wrapper for the personnel at your child’s school. If you want to get a little more creative, you can make your teacher a teacher candy poem. You can find these online as well, or you can create your own.

A teacher appreciation homemade gift is a way to keep gifts at a reasonable cost while being able to involve your kids into the project, and ensure that your gift is personalized to the specific teacher.  Some ideas are to print off or create a printable teacher appreciation certificate, create homemade teacher appreciation cards, or bake the educator in your child’s life a homemade treat. If you want to do something a bit more grandiose, then you can give your teacher a little gift every day of the week. Have your child sneak in and leave a little gift on the teacher’s desk for him/her to find each morning. It doesn’t have to be big; it can be small and cute, maybe something for the teacher to use in the classroom such as pens for grading, or a $10 gift card to Starbucks for an extra kick one morning when he/she may need one.

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