Calling all scrap-bookers out there!!! This is to all of those who are not only knowledgeable, but love to share the knowledge you have about the wonderful world of scrapbooking.

imgp5264-350x233Here is to all of you scrapbooking newcomers in DFW who are looking to learn more so you can start creating lasting backdrops for all your pictures you have accumulating. This is your time to take out those pictures that tell the stories of your loved ones, and turn them into amazing works of art that you will cherish for years to come.

June 6th, 7th, and 8th is the time to come join MD Resort at the Scrapbooking Expo in Arlington, Texas at the Arlington Convention Center. Tickets are $12 for a one day pass and $33 for a 3 day pass if you buy your tickets online. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, hurry up and buy them, because they cost a little more if you buy your tickets at the door. The MD Resort family is going to be here with all of our scrapbooks showing off the ranch, its staff, and all of the celebrations that we are blessed to be a part of. We will be able to display our own scrapbooking layouts, and look forward to your feedback and also to viewing some of your scrapbooking designs.

Come see our “love” scrapbook albums that include first moments, engagements, weddings, newborn babies, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and grandkids. One of our best scrapbook albums is our wedding themed scrapbook. Our wedding themed scrapbook shows a series of weddings that have taken place at MD Resort with different creative ideas and themes. The love scrapbook albums allow us to show you the story of life in all its different stages through the eyes of our families, friends, and guests. MD Resort is looking forward to seeing you at Stitch Craft Create in Arlington, Texas. Call 817-489-5150 for more details!


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