Many of our guests and blog followers know that MD Resort is undergoing some exciting changes lately. MD Resort in Aurora, Texas is currently building The Oaks at MD Resort. In addition to this, there have been a number of upgrades throughout the property. From major landscaping changes, to new floors, carpet and paint throughout the lodge, MD Resort is poised for a great new beginning.

the_oaks_logo_-_transparent_0-350x346At the heart of this new change is the new owners and management of MD Resort. Bill and Susie Benedick, from Decatur, Texas had a dream to take on a new business, and after 2 years of dreaming and searching for the perfect idea with Bill’s brother, Ben Benedick, the resort business became a large part of their future plans.

Long before the trio had actually found MD Resort, they had big ideas of what the perfect resort would look like. Bill and Ben were already coming up with blue prints of what they wanted, and knew with enough time they would find the perfect place that would allow them to make their dreams come true. Their motto was ‘Believing is Achieving’, and they were not going to allow room for anything short of success!

An organic garden that is big enough to offer guests fruit and vegetables daily, a full on spa, and a wedding chapel with a reception hall were just a few of their aspirations for a resort. As for the location, they were insistent they needed a restful country setting that is centralized enough to offer guests the choice of the grasslands for the hunters and fishermen out there, or Fort Worth for the city goers and the sightseers looking to see as much of Texas as they possibly can.

With continued determination, they finally found the perfect space for their dreams to come true! Bill, Susie, and Ben stumbled upon a resort for sale that already had a bed and breakfast on the grounds with enough room for the expansion that they dreamt of. Knowing that they had found the perfect place, they scooped up the resort in October of 2012.

With no time to lose, Bill hired a contractor, and began work on the wedding chapel and the reception hall. Time flew by and the Oaks at MD Resort is a reality with the official opening day looming on the horizon.

There are still plans that have not been started yet such as the spa, but all good things take time. In the meantime, the staff at MD Resort are keeping busy hosting weddings, receptions, reunions, retreats, and business seminars in addition to opening our doors to guests at the lodge. Whether you need a place to stay for the night, a week, or longer, MD Resort is the place you may join us as guests, but will certainly leave as family. Bill, Susie, and Ben would love to take this moment to formally invite you to the grounds of MD Resort for any reason. Whether you would like to stay for an activity that lasts only a few hours such as a picnic, scavenger hunt, or tour, or are planning to stay longer as a guest, MD Resort is the perfect place to sit down, kick back, and relax!


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