I am sitting here in the safety of the covered porch as the rain slowly pours down from the heaven above soaking the expansive grounds that surround me. The rain is blending together with the sound of the soft gentle wind that is blowing all around me. When I stop to take a look at the world that surrounds me I see a sea of green. Green in the trees that are standing like sentinels proudly off the ground, in the bushes that are growing, some wild, some not so wild, and in the freshly mowed grass that stretches onward as far as the eye can see until it reaches the wild grass in the distance.

The birds are twittering creating a cacophonous symphony of their own, and thickly coated squirrels are hurryingly rushing around gathering supplies for the winter. The weather is comfortably cool enough to sit outside without the warmth of a jacket and I am in the midst of the serenity that surrounds me.

People dream of being in this type of beauty that only Mother Nature can provide and here I am surrounded by it every single day! This is my backyard, and my home away from home! For me, this is the perfect location. Guests come and they keep saying the same thing. Peaceful, tranquil, calm, and serene; they all mean the same thing! Home! MD Resort in Aurora Texas, just north of Fort Worth Texas makes you feel as if you are in the right place at the right time, and you are filled with the feeling that you are finally at home.

Whether you are looking for the location of your next last minute getaway, wedding venue, corporate retreat, or family reunion, MD Resort in Aurora Texas is the place you were meant to be. This is your fate, the place you have been searching for, and we are here for you year round. Our staff has your back, and you have found your home away from home.

MD Resort is the place where you may join us as our guests, but will leave us as family, and we are your county charm refined.