dscn0702Since Bill and Susie have taken over just over a year ago, there have been so many changes that have taken place here at MD Resort. Everything from big changes, such as the building of The Oaks at MD Resort, to smaller changes, such as a concrete floor being placed in the party barn. This last one may not be such a small change to women who attended wedding receptions wearing heels! Going from walking in hay to walking on concrete, this is a huge change in the best possible way. Trust me, I appreciate it more than anyone!

The changes are not over yet. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you our newest upgrade. Currently being built is our workout room, a powerhouse of endorphin releasing awesomeness that is our gym on the property. Now the next time one of our staff is in a growling don’t look or talk to me mood, we can just send them to the onsite gym for a half an hour, sit back, and wait for them to come back with a better attitude! Or the next time someone goes missing for a while, we know where to find them.

The gym is going to be climate controlled, and have a great array of exercise equipment. The perfect place to start the day, or end your sightseeing walk of the beautiful property! No longer will you have to brave the Texas elements to get your exercise around here! You can just take a short walk to our exercise room, and settle in to the comfort of the air conditioner in the summer, heater during the one month of winter, room that is dedicated to the health and comfort of our guests.