She had the most amazing job in the world! She was your everything. Her days were all about you. She was your alarm clock, cook, waitress, maid, chauffer, personal assistant, money manager, lullaby singing, fear chasing all around  biggest fan. She taught you sympathy, empathy, and patience and helped to shape your personal integrities, virtues, loves and passions in  life. She is your mother!!!

There is one day out of the year that is set aside to honor her. Mothers Day should not be the only day that you take to show her your love and appreciation for everything that she has done for you over the years, and will continue to do through the years to come. This year Mothers Day is on May 11. Are you ready to do something special for her?

Buying a Mothers Day gift is a lot like being a mother. There is no 1 way to be a perfect mother, but there are a lot of ways to be the best mother you can be just like there are a lot of gifts that are perfect for celebrating the woman who raised you. So have fun with it and give her that wine that she drinks because of you, or be serious and create a scrapbook full of  memories with her favorite quotes, and references to her favorite recipes.

I have the perfect place for you to send your mother to for some much deserved rest and relaxation, MD Resort. Located on 39 acres of beautiful relaxing peaceful acres full of natures beauty just in Aurora Texas north of Fort Worth Texas. Close enough for your mother to go on shopping sprees in the city and retire for the night in the beauty of the country. Just one option for the  perfect gift for the wonderful thoughtful generous caring loving woman you are blessed to call mother.

5 words to describe my mother: