bridalopenhouseMD Resort has been going through some major changes lately. This is not news to anyone who has been keeping up with our blog posts. But for those of you who have not been, or are unfamiliar with MD Resort in Aurora Texas, let me fill you in. For those of you that have been keeping up with MD Resort, let me go ahead and update some facts that have been going through some revisions lately.

MD Resort has built and is currently putting on the final touches to our newest facilities, The Oaks. The Oaks consists of two beautiful structures that are going to be the sight of weddings, receptions, family reunions, parties, business meeting and retreats, along with any other events that our guests and community can dream up. The Oaks has a wedding chapel and reception venue that can easily and comfortably hold 350 guests along with staff, decorations, food and drink stations, and anything else you can imagine.

There are some events coming up that MD resort is looking forward to hosting. The dates and details have been going through some changes that are going to be clarified for followers who may be a little confused. There are 2 dates that you need to be aware of. The first is the ribbon cutting and the grand opening of The Oaks. These are combined on Saturday August 24th. The second is the Bridal Open House on Saturday, August 31st. These two events are exactly one week apart, and all are welcome to one or both events.

The ribbon cutting and Grand Opening of the Oaks on August 24th is going to be from 11-4. People will be able to come out to tour the property, see the new site, and sit down to eat brisket with all the trimmings.

The Bridal Open House is on Saturday August 31st from 11-4. This event is going to be a party-like atmosphere. The Oaks at MD Resort is going to have DJ Connection, one of the best DJ crews in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex setting the atmosphere for the day. There will be vendors here to show off designs and wedding decorating ideas to guests. There will be some of the greatest food and cake vendors throughout the Metroplex handing out samples for guests to try. The best part is, this is all for free.

The Oaks is a beginning for the future to start its newest realities. The Oaks is going to be centered and deeply rooted in the community that surrounds it. The Oaks is where life’s most beautiful moments take place. The doors are going to be opened to all who come to start life’s new beginnings, and be a place of shelter for all those who are inside.

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