aurora-24x36-350x243The Oaks at MD Resort is under construction as we speak, and we can’t wait to show them off to the public. The unveiling is the first week of August, and when you see the magnificence of the buildings, your jaw will drop.  Hurry and start booking your tour so you can see The Oaks personally. The minute you see the grandeur, you will start imagining all of the ways this place will become a part of your life. Whether you are envisioning your perfect wedding, or the perfect space for your next family reunion or meeting, we have everything you need to make it unforgettable.

Everything from personal celebrations such as weddings and family reunions to an escape from the everyday at your workplace! Lodging for a workplace retreat, and even a company party with plenty of room for the entire staff are just some of the perks here at The Oaks.

The Oaks has a top of the line commercial kitchen that will have chefs standing in line to whip up culinary delights that will make your mouth water. The impeccable service that the staff at the Oaks will be presenting to you and your guests will make your party legendary!

The best part is that there is an inn right on the property! So after your long day lounging around The Oaks, you can just drive your car less than a mile down the drive and put your feet up! The Oaks at MD Resort is the sanctuary you’ve been waiting for.

Go ahead and make a reservation now while you still can, because if you wait too long, you may have to wait for a date that is available. No matter what the occasion, The Oaks at MD Resort will create the lasting memories that you and your family, friends, and loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.


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