MD Resort Bed & Breakfast Country Inn is a unique, pet-friendly, bed and breakfast style Hotel located in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas, DFW area. At MD Resort Bed & Breakfast, you can treat your critters to a rare, pet-friendly lodging, offering plenty of green space for daily walks, runs and outdoor games of fetch. Your critters can finally share a pet friendly family vacation at MD Resort Bed & Breakfast. Advanced pet-reservations are required for all pet friendly stays.

Tips for traveling with pets

  1. pet-friendly-accommodation-2906_0Start your pet friendly trip with a healthy pet. Check in with your veterinarian at least one week prior to traveling with your pet to be sure your pet is healthy and all vaccinations are current.
  2. Pack all the paperwork: current health certificates, licenses, proof of vaccinations, and your vet’s phone number (current coggins is required on all equine).
  3. Have your pet wear identification at all times. Your pet’s I.D. tags should include your name, address, and phone number, and if you are vacationing out of town for a while, add a local phone number. Pack a recent photo of your dog too!
  4. Make sure your pet is travel-worthy. It’s best to get your pet accustomed to riding in a car at a young age, but even older pets can often adapt.
  5. Plan ahead for all travel accommodations. This is especially important during peak travel times when motels, hotels, resorts, inns and campgrounds fill up quickly. Most pet friendly accommodations that do accept pets have a limited number of pet friendly rooms available. Additional fees apply, please call for more information. If you are planning to fly with your pet, make reservations at least 3 months prior to your journey.

Whether you are traveling with your horse or live close by,
MD Resort has a great horse & pet boarding facility!

MD Resort’s lighted barn contains a total of 4 stalls. Sizes range from 12’x12′ up to 16

‘x23′ with runs from 12’x145′ up to 60’x400′.  We also have 7 runs 40’x100′ each with its own shelter.

*Horse Boarding – $30 per horse per night.

MD Resort also provides fenced runs with shelter for dogs.

*Dog Boarding – $18 per dog per night

*Based on availability. All prices are based on self-care.  Full-care may be available seasonally, additional fees will apply.

MD Resort grows its own coastal hay which is available for purchase based on availability

MD Resort is a 37-acre ranch in Texas with lots of open space for you to ride your own horse. Fenced exercise areas are also available. Just next to our main barn is an outside arena approx. 110’x320′ and includes a outside 60′ round pen.  As you can see MD Resort has many choices, whether you would like to bring your family pet, or need horse boarding.

MD Resort Pet Friendly Policies

  • horseback-riding-cowboy-resort-1991*MD Resort allows “well behaved pets” in two pet friendly rooms, the Lone Star, and the Country Mountain Room. A minimum $50 non-refundable fee will be charged to have your pet in the room with you. Any damage or extensive cleaning will be billed to your credit card. When you stay in a non pet friendly room, you can board your pet in one of our runs with shelter. Additional fees apply for all rooming and boarding of pets. All pets must be accompanied by an owner at all times, and on a leash while not in their room, RV, or boarding quarters.
  • Pets must have prepaid reservations. For the comfort of all guests pets have many restrictions including areas they are allowed in. Pets must be in a kennel while in room unattended and must be well behaved. While outside pets must be leashed at all times and with the owner. Copy of current rabies must be supplied before check-in. All animal feeding, cleaning & care is to be provided by animal owner. Pets must be collared with the appropriate with the appropriate owner/rabies tags.
  • Horses must have prepaid reservations and a copy of current Coggins test is required before check-in. A horse release must be signed upon check in. Horse boarding is all self care.
  • The owner of pet/animal takes full responsibility and liability for their pets. MD Resort is not responsible for accidents