Something amazing happened today. Maybe it was a miracle, or divine intervention, destiny, or perhaps simple chance. Some may think it ordinary, yet I believe it was extraordinary! I went to take a quick Friday afternoon break, run to the bank, cash my check, and grab something to eat at a local sandwich shop before running back to work. The woman who was making the sandwich was taking her sweet time being slower than molasses. Her inconsideration of my time making me a little grumpy. I was internally growling and externally glaring her down willing her to hurry up, come on, and let’s get this thing moving!

A woman walks in, and starts talking to me while I am waiting. Simple conversation really, just a touch of small talk about my work, her grandkids, and the sandwiches’ available. She seemed to be in no hurry whatsoever with her time. She was cool, calm, and collected. Not knowing me at all, she was kind enough to be encouraging in spite of the fact that I was a complete stranger.

Before I knew it, the small talk had slightly evolved about what we were thankful for in our lives, and it got me to thinking. I was thankful that I had the time to have this moment with this complete stranger. This connection that she was kind enough to share with me, to demonstrate the virtue of patience. I made no mistake about it as I glanced over in my peripheral view and saw the knowing smile on her face. She knew that when she walked in, I was more than annoyed about having to wait due to someone else’s slowness.

As I was walking out the door, I started to really think about what I had to be thankful for. Family, friends, a job just to name a few. It made me think about this holiday season being the time of year to think about being set aside just for this reason. The moments that we get to share with our loved ones. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah just to name a few. A simple moment with a kind stranger and a reminder to slow down, and just enjoy the moment.