canstockphoto2021184Packing your own food for your road trips have multiple benefits. So here a few tips that can save money, provide healthier food options, and offer practical tips for storing your food.  Enjoy!
Packing Food For The Road:

*If you freeze your plastic bottled water in the freezer the night before you leave, the bottles will help keep your food cold in the cooler as well as provide a cold beverage for the road.

*If you want to keep your food hot, invest in a thermos.  Just boil water before you leave the house, place hot dogs inside of the thermos and then pour the hot water over the hot dogs.  This will help cook the hot dogs as well keep them warm until you are ready for lunch.

*If you’re traveling with children, be sure to pack plenty of goodies for them to snack on.  Before you leave the house, cut up pieces of cheddar cheese and bring precut apple slices.

*For lunch, pack a salad wrap filled with healthy goodies.  When you’re on the road, your body doesn’t burn as many calories, so packing lighter foods is always a great option!  You can also pack a hearty soup or chili in your thermos.

*Our last tip would be to remember all of the non-food essentials! Like the trash sack that one can never remember to bring?
Other essentials include: utensils, plates, napkins, and wet napkins to name a few.  Using clear plastic take out containers is also great option.

Just remeber to keep it simple when you’re packing for a road trip.  It will make your life easier and save you a little money, too.

Here’s to happy and safe driving!