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29 Jul
The offsite corporate retreat. People either love them or hate them, and it’s not hard to see why. Done correctly, retreats can be an effective way for your organization to bring about positive change. Done poorly however, and you end up with a wasted weekend and the possibility of making things in the office worse. It’s not an easy task to plan a retreat that is fun and productive, but MD Resort's professional planners can lead you the whole way.

Travel Itinerary Planner and Ideas

Need to get away? Well the Dallas-Fort Worth area has a lot to offer! Even if you have lived here your entire life, there is always something new to see. You deserve to take some time off of that nine-to-five job, cooking, cleaning, and working around so many different schedules! Here at MD Resort, we know planning trips can be a hassle that you shouldn't deal with, so we took a little bit of time to create some suggested itineraries for your stay with us. Let us pamper you and take care of all of the details with these vacations to rediscover why Texas is so amazing! If one of the following itineraries catches your eye, click to find out more information.

  • 3..2..1 Adventure Time Itinerary - From skydiving to paintball to roller-coasters at Six Flags, this is perfect for the adrenaline junkie!
  • A Summer Fever Itinerary - Enjoy spending your time at the local lakes and even go ice skating!
  • A Vineyards Paradise Itinerary - Take tours tours of some local vineyards and taste their different wines. This is perfect for couples of any age. 
  • Historic Walking Tour Itinerary - Whether or not you are a history-buff, this itinerary provides attractions from delicious food at Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes to boot shopping in Justin, Texas. 
  • A Wild West Itinerary - Take the opportunity to see what the Fort Worth Stockyards are really about! 
  • Culinary Vacation Itinerary - If you're a foodie, a cook, both, or neither! This vacation is full of delicious food for you to learn how to make. 

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