233With Valentines Day approaching, now is the perfect time to pop the question to your loved one. MD Resort is by your side with unique ideas to help you. Here are some of the most successful unique engagement proposal ideas we have discovered over the years of hosting many engagements in Dallas Fort Worth through our romantic getaways couples retreats and getaway vacations.

  • Do take the time to make your marriage proposal unique and special as it is a moment you will both remember the rest of your lives.
  • Tell him/her how you really feel and what it is about them specifically that makes them so special that you would like to marry them and spend the rest of your life with them.
  • Think about the setting of where and when you will propose. If the person is shy they may not appreciate a proposal surprise in front of other people. A nice quite engagement proposal with just the two of you might be best.
  • Above all speak from your heart!
  • Wedding proposal how to tradition is to get down on one knee, take them by the hand and ask…. put your heart felt words with why this personal is so special and then a simple “will you marry me?”

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