As the economy has begun a steady uptrend, corporations are realizing that making an intelligent investment in the right kind of retreat is a proven business tool.

Since their height in 2005, corporate retreats had seen a steady decrease in popularity. People have argued they are used as extravagant vacations and are a poor use of company funds. With the troubled national economy of the last decade, the desire to spend money on a corporate retreat diminished.

Retreats are seeing a post-recession comeback for a number of reasons.

Corporate training is on a steady increase, and retreats are an effective way to build team coordination and train employees. The self-contained nature of retreats decreases wasted time and can be fun for employees. Many businesses are learning how to have cost-effective retreats that have real benefits without the expensive fluff.  In the last couple years, corporate retreats have transformed into an important service for businesses by minimizing wastefulness and generating revenue in the long-term.

Here are some long-term benefits they can have for your business:

Retreats facilitate REAL friendships between your employees – Attempts to forge bonds between employees in the office often end in disaster. There can be very few shared interests among employees, which can prevent them from ever forming relationships on their own. Time spent at a corporate retreat is an opportunity for people to connect through participation in common activities. This time spent together allows employees to get to know one another and laugh together. Break time is always important to give between activities because it is during this time that people will come together and connect personally after interacting in activities together.

Retreats are times for training! Any business success depends on having well trained employees to get the job done effectively. The environment of a retreat develops team coordination, group problem-solving skills, and creativity. Skill building training can also be used at a retreat as a way to focus in-office training throughout the rest of the year. While fun activities are essential to a great retreat, productive activities that apply to your business goals of the year are also important to generate long-term revenue.

Retreats boost Moral! While retreats are not simply a vacation for the whole corporation, they are a place for employees to renew their excitement and enthusiasm for work. Retreats can be held in beautiful outdoor environments that reduce stress and give people an opportunity to refresh their thinking and come back to work with a new drive. A successful retreat will leave employees more excited and productive when returning to work.

Corporate retreats are seeing an increase in popularity because when done right, they are effective ways to increase the long-term bottom line while improving employee relations and moral.  To begin planning your retreat, plan your budget and choose an attractive location to enjoy! MD Resort is the perfect place for DFW companies to hold a retreat. Our beautiful outdoor fields and trees, indoor games and billiards, and other fun activities make our resort a very popular spot for successful corporate retreats. Call us today at 866-489-5150 to talk with one of our experts to begin planning your next retreat!