The weather outside is frightful, and my dear, it is so delightful, the weather outside is cold, so let it look an awful lot like snow! OK, so it is not really snow. It is a couple inches of solid ice that is white and looks powdery, but we aren’t outside making snowballs out of them! We are staying inside because it is pure ice!!!

Have you ever walked on water? Well I have, today in fact. I went outside to help feed the cows, threw on my fur lined snow boots that I bought 4 years ago in Colorado, and literally walked on water. Frozen water, every step creating small cracks in the solid ice. In some parts of the world you have to wear snowshoes in order to get this experience. In Texas, you just have to wait till it rains solid ice. It happens every few years, and it creates treacherous situations.

The winter weather is beautiful, and the residents of Dallas Fort Worth are doing their best to stay inside. The entire Metroplex along with the outskirts of the triplex has basically shut down. From Big D (Dallas Texas) to Little D (Denton Texas) to Cowtown (Fort Worth Texas)

Can you imagine, 7 million plus people in a small area not leaving their houses? It is partly because the snow is a good excuse to gather together with immediate family, but it is more so because no one knows how to drive on ice. Between you and me, driving in certain parts of the city is scary enough in perfect conditions. Throw in winter weather of any form, and it is like driving through a 3-ringed circus complete with the fire. Everyone is fired up to get to the store to stock up on 3 months worth of groceries, and get their brood home before everyone on the road forgets how to drive.

It gets pretty scary! But we are here, together with family at MD Resort located in North Fort Worth Texas. We have gone to the store, and are currently walking around all 20 gallons of bottled water that we will be drinking for the rest of winter. Together as a family we are taking care of the animals, and our doors are open to all the winter weather travelers that are in the area. So go ahead and drop on by for a warm place for the night, the fire is waiting for you and your brood to snuggle up in front of it. Safe travels, and the true beginnings of a Happy Holiday Season from MD Resort, your home away from home!!